15th International Symposium "Mine Action 2018"

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Government Office for Mine Action, Croatian Mine Action Centre and Centre for Testing, Development and Training are organizing the 15th International Symposium "Mine Action 2018" which will be held from 9 to 12 April 2018 in Slano. 

As in previous years, the Symposium is planned as a practical and open platform for the exchange of the theoretical knowledge and scientific experience in the field of mine action. The intention of the organizers is to offer experts, scientists and the interested public the opportunity to take issue with the lessons learned and through an interactive approach to topics to stimulate the debate on applicable solutions in a mostly dynamic area such as mine action.

In the good tradition of our Symposium as an umbrella world meeting in the issue of mine action, we have ensured the preconditions to take into consideration all the aspects of this globally important subject. Therefore, besides the insight into the development and application of new technologies, equipment and methods, as well as through the display and presentation of the software, the participants will have the opportunity to learn more about equally important and nevertheless complementary areas such as more and more frequent asymmetric threats to human safety in the form of terrorism and the use of improvised explosive devices.   

There will also be a presentation of the usual program of working with the demining machines with new tools and an overview of the advances in the field of robotic systems. 

The main topics of the 15th Symposium are the following:
  • Global mine action experiences (contamination with mines and ERWs)
  • New technologies in mine action 
  • Mine victims assistance
  • The Ottawa Treaty - a world without mines by 2025
  • Terrorism and ERWs
  • IEDs - experiences and methods of approach
  • Natural disasters / crisis situations and mine action (explosions of ammuntion depots, forest fires, floods)

Important information about visa application procedure

Participants that require visa to enter the Republic of Croatia are kindly invited to obtain their visa prior to the arrival, and to use, to the extent possible, the services of Croatian embassies and/or Visa Application Centres due to the very strict Schengen rules that are being applied when entering Croatia. Please note: If you are arriving by car or by bus, you will be crossing the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and you might require a visa for this country as well, i.e. a multiple entry visa if you are returning the same way. All questions regarding Croatia’s visa regime can be submitted at: vize@mvep.hr.

Visa Application Procedure - Booklet
Venue and accommodation

The Symposium will be held at the Admiral Grand Hotel in Slano, near Dubrovnik. The following prices have been negotiated for the participants: half board in 1/1 room – 78 EUR, in 2/1 room - 106 EUR per room.  Participants are invited to book accommodation by 25th March 2018 via the following email address: sales@hoteladmiral-slano.com, with the following subject line: HCR Symposium.

About the host country - Croatia

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